The Barnyard Tapes

The Barnyard Tapes


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Foolish Frog

Cluck Old Hen

Goodbye Liza Jane

Good Old Summertime

Steamboat Bill

Weaver John

I've Been Working on the Railroad

Buffalo Girls



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We owe a debt of gratitude to this webpage: It's creator, Benjamin Robert Tubb has done a tremendous service

to us all by collecting, cataloguing and creating midi files of hundreds of PD songs from the 19th and early 20th centuries. 



p.s.  Our title and the idea for our back cover came from one of our heroes...Bob Dylan.  He's given us so much amazing music over the years.

Here's Bob's cover from "The Basement Tapes" next to our back cover for "The Barnyard Tapes." 


We managed to get the reel-to reel, a cow and a chicken, we just couldn't get The Band.

One final note, I bought that mandolin at a pawn shop in Hibbing, MN - Bob's home town - the same one? Look close, it looks the same to me!